A Letter from Founder
Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website.
This system is designed for exploring about Art and Human Beings.

'Art' has played too important roll in my whole life.

I have had a difficulty in communicating with others since I was small.
I didn't know how to behave to others and how to express myself.
My feelings and thinkings weren't understood by people around me, and they hated and hurt me.
Consequently, I came to be afraid of human and even lost how to live in this world.

But then one day, one artwork led me to another world. It showed me cool and wonderful way of life by human forms, emotions, images and various stories.
It gave me courage and hope, and I wanted to know more about other worlds like that.

The word 'Art' may have several meanings in different contexts.
While seeing many artworks by the great titans, I realized 'Art' is the vision of the world we live in that projected through human heart.
And now, I want to know about Human Beings through Art.

Every person is different. I am what I am. You are what you are.
There are so many people, they each see their own world.
If you have any difficulties in this world, try to express your world.
If you want to share your feelings with someone, try to express your feelings.
They can make this world a decent place.
I hope our system will help you to express yourself.

I want to find you in an untold number of expressions.

Welcome to Almatree.

Leo Kageyama
Almatree is an organization that works on artistic activities as the main mission.
The artists here do the works by their own style, consider every technology of all time and present the expressions.
Literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, picture, film and so on.
With the times and the scientific-technological development, Art has had so many forms and the number is increasing now.
We deal with Art without formality and work on creating, evalution and preservation.
Also, Almatree is a platform for connecting people and people by studies.
We gather information including culture, history, law, social phenomenon, and natural science to construct the database. And exchanging opinions or thoughts with each individual person, we learn 'people'.
Furthermore, we discuss with all the people accessing the network various problems that human beings are facing and create better ideas we need.
We have the policy, that says 'Encouragement, Respect, and Evolution'.
We believe that in the age we live in, we can help each other getting over the wall of difference, and establish the way everyone can live as they want to.
Use our imagination as a compass, the intelligence, and the technologies as canes, let's walk this new age.
We have the rules on this website to respect freedom of art and study and to maintain communications with politeness.
We ask you, users, to use the system in following the rules.
They may be updated or added as necessary.
このウェブサイトでは、 芸術活動と研究の権利を尊重し、礼節のある交流を担保することを目的として、ルールが設けられています。
1. This site contains the works of various artists. In principle, the copyrights of the works belong to the creators.
If you have opinions and questions about the works, contact us from 'KONTAKT'.
2. You can use Public Domain Works in this site completely freely.
And you can use Creative Commons Licensed Works freely under the author's credit and non-commercial terms.
3. The artists and staff involved in the contents on the site are named on 'CREDITS'.
4. The texts in 'BIBLIOTEKA' contain Red Code. You can get the code when you have read the texts.
5. We prohibit rude wording, attitudes, and slander to others. Even if it is a presentation of facts, we do not accept messages with the intention to insult to the other in context.
LEO KAGEYAMA Founder / Writer / Digital Artist Born in Chiba, Japan and raised with Nintendo Games and Cyberpunk Films in the 1990s. At the age of 13, he was inspired by Masayuki Shunō's detective novels and began to write stories.
After high school, he attended Meiji Gakuin University, where he learned law and computer programming. While there, he saw many old films and started studying the history of film and special effects by himself.
千葉県出身。小説家 殊能将之に影響を受け、少年時代を推理小説に傾倒して過ごす。大学で初期映画やクラシック映画に触れる機会を得て、映画の研究を始める。
明治学院大学法学部法律学科 卒業。